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5 tonnes of CO₂e savings for climate protection

The climate protection organization "myclimate" has confirmed in a document that REYHER has made a voluntary, sustainable contribution to climate protection in the last 1.5 years: By purchasing original toners from the company KYOCERA, REYHER promoted the myclimate gold standard climate protection project ‚Efficient stoves for Kenya‘. This resulted in a reduction of 5.28 tonnes of CO2e.

CO2e stands for CO2 equivalent. This indicates how much a specified amount of a greenhouse gas, such as CO2, methane or nitrous oxide contributes to the greenhouse effect. The comparison unit is CO2.

In cooperation with the climate protection organization myclimate, KYOCERA Document Solutions has been supporting the work of the Tembea project in the Siaya area of ​​Kenya since May 2013, where every toner sold will donate a share of the turnover to the project.

The aim is to disseminate efficient household cookers that have a 50 percent reduction in wood consumption. This will not only protect the local wood deposits, but also improve the living conditions of the local people: The indoor air of people in the Siaya area, which still rely 98% on wood-fired cookers, is significantly improved and thus the risk of respiratory diseases reduced.

More information about myclimate's Tembea project can be found here.

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