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Your wholesale company for fasteners and fixing technology


For many years REYHER has provided reliable c-part supplies and customer-oriented services.

C-part management

All services involved in sourcing fastener and fixing technology.

Social activities

We support the ‘Hamburger Weg’ a foundation for developing young people through social facilities and activities.

Varied product range

With more than 130,000 different products, REYHER offers a broad and deep product range and covers cross-industry needs.

Fully automated warehouse logistics

The REYHER premises at our central location in Hamburg cover a total area of 40,000 sq. metres.

REYHER as an employer

Would you like an exciting future?

REYHER is one of the leading wholesale companies for
fasteners and fixing technology in Europe.

Top Product


Innovative design: ISR bit with clamping effect = Tight bit.

The optimum form fit of the bit holds the screw tightly. In addition, the clamping effect and the reinforced bit wings make overhead work possible without any problems and ensure higher force transmission.

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Welcome to REYHER!

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