Social Commitment

The Foundation "The Hamburg Way"

In July 2016 REYHER joined a partnership with the foundation of the Hamburg Football Club HSV called "The Hamburg Way". With this commitment we want to support activities which documents a social responsibility for young people. "The Hamburg Way" focus on three areas with its projects: education, social issus and sports. Children and young adolesence, therefore our junior employees in the future, take centre stage.

Further information about "The Hamburg Way" and the foundation can be found here.



HSH Nordbank Run 2017

Hamburg‘s Hafencity is the backdrop for the biggest charity run in North Germany, HSH Nordbank Run. Each team, made up of family, friends and colleagues, runs the four-kilometre course together. With this event it’s not a question of cracking records, but of having a ‘fun run’ combined with collecting for charity. The income from the event goes towards the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper’s campaign ‘Children helping children’. Despite the wet Hanseatic weather, this year no less than 831 teams with around 24,000 runners took part, including 102 from REYHER. The HSH Nordbank Run is held every summer. REYHER was already participating for the eleventh time in succession in this event.

Further information about HSH Nordbank Run

REYHER sponsers Teams in the Formula Student

The Formula Student (FS) is the biggest competition worldwide for engineers, where over 500 Teams participate. Every year the goal of the competition is to design, produce, to test a race car and to compete against eachother at the end of the season in different countries on an Event.

The victory is going to the team which offers the best package in design, financial planning, selling point and performance on the race track. Different experts from the automobil, Motor sports and supplier industry will choose the wínner.

For the FS season 2015/2016 REYHER has sponsored three Teams with fasteners:

Technische Universität Hamburg Harburg

Fachhochschule Stralsund (Baltic Racing Team)

Technische Universität München



Urban Gardening

The Hamburg school "Rellinger Strasse" received from REYHER wooden pallet frames. The pupils built raised flower beds for the schoolyard with 24 wooden pallet Frames. They plant, harvest and take care of the flower beds. 

The Raft - Schaluppe

The non-profit association for "mobile activities e.V." is a group of voluntary comitted people from Hamburg and refugees, who together wanted to realize the Project "Schaluppe - a raft for Hamburg". The aim is to build a free space for art and culture. The raft should be a meeting place for EVERYONE, run on a non-profit and non commercial base.
Ther raft "Schaluppe" was built completly voluntary from 1st of July to 30th of September. On Septmeber 24 was the launching ceremony, a week later the raft was set on to the water.

It is 15 meters long and five meters wide powered by two outboard engines. The Floating bodies were welded by themself. The berth is the Billwerder Bay at the moment. There the marine equipment is installed and afterwards the hydraulic lowerabel upper deck is built. If all of this is done, the admission for small vehicles for internal waters can be chanced from temporary to permanent.

In spring 2017 the plan is to organize regional cruises with different events like cinema, theater and concerts on board of the raft. 

Every single screw, which was installed, is from REYHER.

The culture raft "Schaluppe" - a project of the non-profit association for "mobile activities e.V."



Charity run in favor of the Department of Pediatrics ("Kinder-UKE")

The Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) organized the second charity run for the construction of the new Department of Pediatrics ("Kinder-UKE") on 17 September in Eppendorfer Park and on the UKE premises. REYHER is one of seven sponsors.

Start and finish is in Eppendorfer Park. Two routes can be run: the "Park Round", which is especially suitable for children, through the Eppendorfer Park (1 km) and the "UKE Round" via the clinic grounds (2.5 km). For two hours, all runners can complete as many rounds as they like. For each round you will donate a certain amount. The running times are not measured, the fun of running and the commitment to the new Children's Hospital are in the foreground. Accompanying there is a colorful children's and sports program in the Eppendorfer Park; Parents and staff of the Department of Paediatrics and Youth offer cakes and drinks.

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