Business Sectors

Partner for industry and trade

As a trading company with 130,000 different articles and a readiness to deliver rate of over 99 percent. REYHER is the partner industrial and trading customers choose for c-part supplies.

REYHER’s comprehensive product range provides added value with expertise and service for special and customer-specific parts that are, for example widely used in the automotive sector.

From the agricultural sector via machinery and plant engineering to wind energy, our staff has gained valuable experience over many years in the most diverse sectors. We can adapt well to meet your individual needs.

You too can profit from the technical expertise that REYHER is well-known for worldwide. Whenever you have a problem just ask our specialists. We are always ready to help.


We offer industrial customers planning certainty and help to minimise procurement effort for c-parts.


130,000 articles, in the most diverse commercial packaging and individual kitting services. We offer the range traders need.

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