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A look behind the scenes

What does it actually look like behind the gates of a wholesaler for fasteners and fixing technology? To give you an interesting insight, we have captured our 16 "hot spots" on the company premises in Hamburg in 360° views for you. Click on the map and on the markers to view.

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Outgoing goods 1
Every day we ship 25,000 items (around 1,600 items per hour) with a total outgoing tonnage of 340 tons. The three outgoing goods departments are divided into shipping regions. Outgoing goods 1 ships deliveries within Germany.
Picking area container
According to the "goods-to-man principle", the source containers are picked here from the automatic small parts warehouse (AKL) to the customer orders. Precise transport control of the containers is ensured by means of barcodes on each container.
Screw Center
With the screw center we offer not only craftsmen and smaller companies from the surrounding area, but "everyone" the possibility to purchase fasteners in small packaging units - competent advice included!
Order picking warehouse Container
The automated small parts warehouse (AKL) has space for 174,000 containers in eleven aisles. Two different container sizes are stored double-deep.
Outgoing goods 3
Goods issue 3 is where orders for the ROM - REYHER Order Management Kanban supply systems are processed. The goods are automatically assigned to a defined customer container. The container is then provided with a customer-specific label and shipped after being checked for completeness.
Conference Center
Our conference center is equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology and offers space for about 100 people for internal and external events.
Quality assurance
At 18 workstations, we inspect the delivered products upon arrival using state-of-the-art methods and techniques to ensure our high standards of product quality. Only flawless goods are stored.
Goods receipt
The fasteners and fixing technology arriving at our plant (more than 350 tons daily on 900 pallets and 1,000 containers) are received and stored after a system-supported inspection.
Picking area pallets 3
Each individual item of an order is picked according to the "goods-to-man" principle. Material flow-relevant conveyor sections are designed redundantly in the interests of fail-safety.
High bay warehouse 2
Completed in 2017, this high-bay warehouse is 108 meters long and 42 meters high. It has 40,000 pallet storage locations. Two storage and retrieval machines (RBGs) run above each other in each of the five rack aisles.
High bay warehouse 1
The fully automated high-bay warehouse is 36 meters high and has space for 36,000 pallets. The principle of chaotic storage applies here, i.e. there is no fixed bin management. Based on the four criteria of aisle availability, height class, weight and ABC classification, all free compartments in the hall area are evaluated and the "best" compartment is assigned as the storage location.
Picking area pallets 1
Each individual item of an order is picked according to the "goods-to-man" principle and conveyed to the shipping areas via container and pallet lines.
Order picking warehouses Pallets
In the two warehouses located next to each other, 24,000 pallet spaces are available. The storage of the goods is automated with the help of 16 storage and retrieval machines.
Control station and material flow
The retrieved articles are automatically transported in containers and on pallets via the extensive conveyor lines in the warehouse and logistics area. This entire flow of goods is monitored and controlled via monitors in the control center.
Picking area pallets 2
The picking workstation is location-based. Each individual delivery item of a customer order is picked according to the "goods-to-man" principle. In this process, the goods are fed to the employee via the conveyor system. Parallel to the advance of the pallet, the picking instructions are displayed, both on the screen and as a hard copy.
Outgoing goods 2
Outgoing goods 2 primarily processes orders for customers for international shipping and parcel deliveries. The consignments are dispatched after checking for completeness, consolidation, packaging according to customer requirements and preparation of the delivery documents.

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