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Saving resources with pallet covers made from grass paper corrugated cardboard

Every year hundreds of thousands of pallets loaded with screws, nuts, and other fixing elements leave our logistics centre heading across the whole world. In the shipping department 70,000 of them have pallet covers fitted to protect the goods. To make these covers more sustainable, as from today we use special corrugated cardboard known as GreenCor®. This consists of 30% grass from regional grass compensation areas and has the necessary durability.  GreenCor® is produced by corrugated cardboard maker CARTOFLEX in Lüneburg, Germany.

The use of grass in addition to recycling material considerably reduces the energy, water and chemical requirements. The danger of allergies is removed due to the special production process using both high pressure and high temperatures.

The grass used for the pallets required comes from Schleswig-Holstein, a region of north Germany, from local farmers and their grass compensation areas. Because of the length and strength of the woody grass it is not suitable for animal fodder and so there is no competition with fodder production.

You will find more information on GreenCor® in the CARTOFLEX: website:

GreenCor® – Cartoflex

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